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Disposal of Hazardous Waste


Future Industrial Services provides an efficient and reliable hazardous waste management service.  We can provide a collection, treatment, recovery and/or disposal of your hazardous waste materials.


Hazardous wastes can take the form of solids, hazardous liquids or sludges and they can be generated by all activities.  Primarily this can be from chemical production, manufacturing and industrial activity. Our clients range from major international companies to small local enterprises, but we strive to give the same specialised service to each and every one, with a particular focus on the waste hierarchy.

Supporting this, Future have invested heavily with teams of highly trained chemists and operatives to handle these hazardous materials.  This is now supported by one of the most advanced laboratories in the hazardous waste industry

Future have a wealth of expertise in this area and are able to handle waste classification, packaging, collection and transport which is supported with solutions on waste treatment, recovery and disposal. This includes the utilisation of our own treatment plants and hazardous waste transfer sites at Plymouth, Honiton, Kirkby and Berwick.  This enables us to provide a service to all parts of the UK.  Future Industrial Services Locations

When not handled correctly these can cause harm to human health, safety or to the environment.