24 Hour Nationwide Emergency Service

"Following a fire at a match factory, the HAZ-Team received a request to offer a safe depollution and disposal service removing hazardous residues from the site. A plan was formed, the Health and Safety Executive informed, and the work completed over a weekend in order to minimize disruption to the remaining manufacturing activities on site"


To all of you who helped for the visit – many thanks - - it was extremely well received and you definitely played your part in it.   Works Manager

Haz Team

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Haz Team

Our Hazardous Waste Teams provide you with a specialised service to help you ensure that you are fully compliant with all relevant and applicable hazardous waste regulations.


The HAZ-Team can help with anything from jargon busting advice to complex identification, packaging and recycling initiatives. The Haz-Team can provide you with the following services:

  • Identification of ‘unknown’ waste materials
  • On site packaging service by a qualified chemist
  • UN approved Haz-Boxes for laboratory chemicals and other smaller waste containers
  • UN approved 200 litre bins for aerosols, industrial wipes, oily residues, paint tins, etc.
  • UN approved 1mbulk Haz-Bags or IBCs for semi-bulk wastes
  • Labelling and documentation
  • Hazardous waste projects*

Specialising in the management of packaged wastes ranging in size from lab smalls up to IBCs or even skips, our team will always look for the most economic option while taking account of environmental legislation, the waste hierarchy and your specific requirements.

What types of business would use the HAZ-TEAM services?

  • Commercial and industrial laboratories
  • Schools, College and Universities
  • Printers and Painters
  • Vehicle service centres
  • Manufacturers, vendors and distributors
  • Any commercial enterprise producing waste