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Air Pollution Control Logistics

New service to safely and cost effectively move APCR (Air Pollution Control Residues) from ERF’s (Energy Recovery Facilities).

Future Industrial Services Ltd. first and foremost is a service provider that specialises in a range of ADR and Non ADR Tankers (now wet and dry); we operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week monitoring, managing and reporting movements with robust GPS traffic management systems and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems – paramount for the ever increasing demands of ‘Just in Time’ logistics.

The investment compliments our existing fleet of over 40 trucks; with their new livery design and sheer size we’re sure to stand out in the market. Talking size, these non-tipping bottom discharge tankers measure up at a massive 71m3 capacity, meaning they are the largest of their class seen in the UK. They are designed for maximum volume movements such as Hydrated Lime and Fly Ash from ERF’s, minimising vehicle movements for some materials by up to 1 in every 8 loads. Weighing in with a >28t payload we still compete with smaller tankers of the cement/aggregate industries.

As safety is paramount, these tankers also provide some industry leading safety features including reverse collision avoidance and camera system giving the driver total rear visibility and auto emergency stop. This, coupled with high level safety rails with permanent fall arrest system, emergency shut offs at key points, digital on-board weighing, adjustable suspension and class leading LED lighting technology makes this an extremely safe unit for Future Industrial Services Ltd. and it’s customers to invest in.

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