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Interceptor Cleaning

Fast Cleaning Operation with FIS’s Powerful Equipment

Regular cleaning of underground waste systems prevents any problems that could lead to major hold-ups in production or complications on health and safety grounds.


Interceptors are used on sites where there is a danger of pollutants entering storm water drainage systems or open water courses. The system itself is designed to permit water only to escape, trapping the pollutants e.g. oil, fuels etc within the interceptor. To prevent overflow and contamination of the drainage system the interceptor must be emptied and maintained on a regular basis.

A fast cleaning operation with FIS’s powerful equipment and experienced personnel keeps any system on top performance.

Fully supervised teams assigned to a job will have all the appropriate PPE and equipment, including safety lines and breathing apparatus, along with all relevant training. The team is trained to report any problems they discover with the operation of such systems, and FIS can advise the client of such problems and carry out any remedial work necessary.

FIS can clean domestic drains to storm drains generally utilising high volume / low pressure or low volume / high pressure water jetting techniques. Teams assigned to the work will include all the necessary skills under a qualified leader.

FIS’s own fleet of industrial vehicles includes tankers with a range of barrel types to cope with all kinds of waste materials, DISAB units and Super-suckers that can shift large quantities through powerful pumps on articulated tipping tankers.