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Metal Recovery Plant (Drier) capable of drying filtercake of 85% moisture content

Filtercake Recovery


There is increasing focus on waste management companies to innovate and create new solutions to achieve recovery of valuable raw materials and commodities.

Future Industrial Services view waste management as an opportunity to extract value from resources that are normally disposed of with little or no benefit either environmentally or economically. Future are at the forefront of extracting the valuable resources held within waste.

Future also recognise that even when waste is recovered or recycled the full environmental or economic benefits are not always generated.

Future have been working over a number of years at their recovery operations and have developed a unique range of processing filtercakes from the following industries;

  • Metal Plating
  • Circuit board manfacture
  • Oil Refineries
  • Chemical Manufacture
  • Metal forming and fabrication
  • Steelworks

Filtercakes accepted at Berwick

  • Mercury bearing wastes for recovery
  • Nickel bearing waste
  • Copper bearing waste including copper etchants
  • Tin bearing waste
  • Spent solutions from the plating and etching industries
  • Waste containing trace quantities of precious metals

Cobalt, Nickel, Palladium, Platinum, Tin, Copper

  • Metal bearing sludges and filtercakes
  • Filtercakes and sludges for recovery