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Hazardous Waste Management


Future Industrial Services can process your hazardous waste: -

  • IBC's
  • Packaged Wastes
  • Drummed Wastes
  • Liquids


With in-house waste recovery/treatment plant process plants and transfer stations Future aims to make collection, treatment, recovery and disposal of your hazardous waste our problem, rather than yours.  Future Environmental Services helps support key customers in the fine and speciality chemical sector, pharmaceuticals sector, manufacturing and industry.  

Incorrect handling of hazardous waste is a significant risk to the health of your employees, the general public and the environment. Choosing a waste management partner with the right equipment, expertise and professionalism is an effective way to mitigate those risks.


Minimise your Environmental Impact

Our relentless focus on the waste hierarchy helps you minimise the environmental impact of your operations. Whether your waste is in the form of solids, hazardous liquids or sludges, our highly trained chemists and operatives have the expertise to handle these hazardous materials safely and efficiently.

Our on-site services include:

  • waste classification
  • packaging
  • collection
  • transport

Waste is transported safely away from your premises using our large, specialised fleet of vehicles. Our modern and efficient waste treatment, recovery and disposal facilities then manage your waste to comply with legislation and best practice.


UK-Wide Service

Treatment plants and hazardous waste transfer sites at Plymouth, Honiton, Kirkby and Berwick enable us to serve customers across the UK. The work carried out at these locations is backed by one of the most advanced laboratories in the hazardous waste industry.

The best way to eliminate the risks of hazardous waste is to work with a trusted partner. One with technical expertise and a dedication to exceptional customer service. Our customers rate us very highly in both areas.


For dependable and risk-free hazardous waste management contact your nearest Future Industrial location


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