24 Hour Nationwide Emergency Service

"All tasks completed, team worked great and any problems we encountered were dealt with. Pleasure to work with."
Depot Engineer

"Could you pass on a big thanks to all involved in the fuel delivery, it was a credit to the people involved...all had a 'can do' attitude, and I would like to single out one person who kept it all under control at the coal face and seen it through to the end (Peter Lowes FIS) once again a new concept trialled and proved to be very successful."
Defence Customer

“They are very responsive and if I wanted a tanker tomorrow they would get it to us tomorrow.”

Logistics & Tankering Services

Specialist Vehicles and Equipment

FIS have always placed high priority on investment in specialist vehicles and equipment. Such investment is considered essential to the maintenance of high safety standards for its operatives and for its client’s operatives and plant.

FIS are able to offer commercial viable solutions to our clients with the safe disposal of waste streams transporting to our Kirkby treatment plant.

Only by the continuous availability of effective and efficient tools can the highest levels of service quality be sustained.

Vacuum Tankers

These vehicles are central to FIS core business, and the fleet is maintained to a high standard in order to provide reliable service. For liquid waste FIS have a fleet in excess of 40 tankers with up to 30,000 litre capacity.

The barrels are built from a range of materials: hyperlon lined, for transporting acids and other highly corrosive substances; stainless steel, for less corrosive liquids; and mild steel for non-hazardous liquids /solvents.

Where locations have access problems or there are small volumes of waste to be removed FIS have highly manoeuvrable mini-tanker with a 3000 litre barrel and onboard jetter.


For dry waste, or heavy sludge and solids, there are DISAB units in the fleet, able to take on loads at 7500cfm. These specialist artic units can carry 12 tonne payloads and can safely load fine powders with all dust being collected in cyclone dust traps.

The load can either be bagged using our mobile hopper units or tipped utilising the opening back door of the tipping tanker unit.

Super Sucker Tanker

Similar to the “DISAB” these vehicles can carry 18 tonne payloads but have additional suction capacity pulling 8500cfm. Loading through 6-8 inch hoses these specialist artic tipping units are unique in the UK.

These units can be utilised to suck sludge and soil that is so heavy that most would consider only JCB type diggers as the only solution. However, with the suction system it is possible to convey solids/sludge’s from the most inaccessible locations such as tanks, interceptors or coal shafts.

Tipping Tankers

Tipping tankers are standard vacuum tankers that work alongside the DISAB or Super Sucker tankers. These units increase the payloads of heavy sludge to 22-25 tonne by slaving the barrel with the DISAB. – Such heavy wastes would not come off a normal tanker but the tipping makes this possible. The tipping tanker can also use its own vacuum to load lighter sludges.


This unit is used for heavy lifting duties and can lift up to 16 tonnes at 3 metres and 2.8 tonnes at 16 metres. It is typically utilised for a variety of uses, not excluding the movement of our 6 tonne bagging hopper / carbon filters and assorted storage tanks.


Our Tautliners can carry packages, drums, and IBC’s with payloads of up to 24 tonne. Our 7.5 tonne vehicle is ideal for use where access is restricted or a small load is to be removed. If required tail lift facilities are available on a selection of our tautliners removing the need for fork lift trucks.

Powder Tankers

Each bulk powder tanker is capable of carrying up to 72m3 of product and equipped with the latest safety features and on board weighing systems. The tankers are pressurised by either on board power packs, or power packs fitted to the vehicles. Each vehicle is also fitted with dust suppression systems to prevent fugitive emissions during offloading operations.

Jet Vac Unit

FIS operates a number of jet vac tankers. These tankers are fitted with high vacuum suction pumps (3000 cfm) and are able to remove liquid and solids from great distances. The units are fully equipped to ADR standards. The jet vac systems are fitted with high pressure jetting units rated at 3000 PSI (90 gallons per minute) and are capable of cleaning drains of all types.

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