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“Future aren’t the cheapest but they do the job. We only have so much storage and if we can’t get the waste out the site grinds to a halt.”


“Thank you to the team they did a brilliant job that in the end was more difficult than it looked, they persevered and got the job done, the operational H&S was beyond our expectation and they all worked well together"  Utilities Sector



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Sludge Tankers & Disabs

Futures 5000-gallon high vacuum pump vehicles and rigid Disab Industrial Vacuum Units vacuum at long distances & deep depths.  This gives great efficiency and the ability to transport your premises.

Our expertise & innovation of Disab Industrial Vacuum Units enables us to remove all heavy sludges.  This can arise from deep sumps, tanks and vessels with fast, efficient timescales to minimise plant down time.

Our commercially viable solutions include the safe disposal of sludges by transporting them to one of our own in-house treatment plants.

Future Industrial Services also offers bespoke solutions for all types of industrial lagoon dewatering.  We have extensive knowledge and equipment for dewatering your site lagoon sludges and our units work continually to produce a dry quality filter cake.

We are able to mobilise easily.  Our mobile dewatering systems can be onsite at short notice and will significantly reduce the amount of waste to be disposed of.

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