24 Hour Nationwide Emergency Service

"Could you pass on from the department a big thanks to all involved in the fuel delivery it was a credit to the people involved, all involved had a  “can do” attitude, I would like to single out one person who kept it all under control at the coal face and seen it through to the end (Peter Lowe) once again a new concept trialled and proved to be very successful."

"May I also in particular thank Ian McBride, who without his experience and good work we would not have achieved ‘Skimming Off’ the oil from the surface of the NEEP on the last load. We managed to remove 95% of the oil from the top of the tank before we had any rainfall and are continuing to remove the last 5% with oil absorbent mats. Please can you pass on our personal thanks to all involved"


"Would like to express my deep gratitude to each and every one of your team for their wonderful contribution at the Reservoir. Your team has been great in assisting us with Water Quality Incident at the reservoir. During a crucial time, in a very short period your team cleaned and inspected the reservoir, enabled us to restore supply to 1000’s of our customers. This would not have been possible without your teams dedication, hard work, late nights and  early mornings. What a wonderful result."

"3 x super white tanks uplifted and cleaned with hot wash. All product removed into tanker. '10 out of 10'."
Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings, mastics and sealants


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Special Projects

Smooth and Efficient Project Completion

When shutdowns, outages, bespoke technical projects or decommissioning are essential, clients can rely on FIS to deliver.

Our Special Projects Management Team work in partnership with clients to identify and address key issues when comprehensively planning project work.  This is to ensure smooth and efficient project completion that returns systems to operations on time and with minimum disruption. Working as a coherent unit, the team have access to an extensive range of specialist plant, equipment and technical expertise.


Effective planning, management and execution of critical path, complete asset campaigns minimises downtime and maximises profit.

Scheduled preventative maintenance cleaning

Generally on a smaller scale than full system shutdowns. This involves only sections of plant or individual items of equipment and generally does not require multi-disciplined activities.

Bespoke Technical Solutions

FIS use technical expertise, bespoke plant and comprehensive safety management techniques to deliver on specialist projects.  These often involve the management of highly reactive, flammable or toxic chemicals within the confines of hazardous or sensitive working environments.

Decommissioning and cleaning

At the end of a plants productive life, efficient decommissioning is essential to ensure minimal environmental impact.

Sludge Management Services

FIS offer a wide range of sludge management services from simple sludge disposal to onsite treatment and waste minimisation using techniques such as dewatering.

Hydraulic testing

FIS offer a wide range of hydraulic testing and proving services ensuring smooth and efficient project completion.  This returns systems to operation on time and with minimum disruption. Working as a coherent unit, the team have access to an extensive range of specialist plant and equipment