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Just wanted to report back to you with some feedback on today’s tank removal.

From minute one I was happy with all 3 gentlemen that you had sent they were all on time and having issues with other companies when trying to source Hijab units, was very grateful that one was sent with such prompt planning. Paul, Neil and Pete were very approachable and seemed very knowledgeable in how the removal plan had been organised and accommodating throughout to any requirements I had during the entirety of the job. They were happy to have a small safety talk and induction regarding the area prior to starting work and understood our strict issues one major being smoking in the Bio Plant area as we have aeration cells within the workplace that could cause catastrophic issues if smoking restrictions are ignored.

Beginning the work only followed this trend as they all jump into action and began to flush the tank out with all necessary PPE taken into account at every stage without any need to prompt them on the expectations of our policies as well as the designated PPE given by yourself as stated in the RAMS. After the flushing had been completed the removal of the staircase and laying down of the tank was a little tricky to say the least but with appropriate thought and discussions between all members including myself we were able to land it so nothing was damaged and the tank was laid down without any swinging or unsafe moments (Again I have to reiterate my gratefulness behind the teams view on safety as it made myself at ease with how a difficult lift is managed by your companies personnel). This was then safely loaded onto the back of the hijab and the job had been completed to a very high standard. Paul had even gone out of his way to ask if I required the bund to be cleared of a foot of rainwater if I needed it doing which shows the commitment from yourselves to customer satisfaction.

Again thank you for your services and we hope to work with Future again when the need arises within Work Services (Energy Operations).



Tank Cleaning

FIS offers a vast range of expertise in tank cleaning from bund cleaning to tank decommissioning for all types, inclusive of:-

  • Anaerobic Digestors
  • Storage Tanks
  • Blue water facilities
  • Chemical/Acid/Glycol tanks
  • Grease Tanks
  • Bitumen Tanks
  • Sludge tanks and DAF plants
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Effluent Tanks

The tanks can be above or below ground and we can also deliver de-gassing services including gas-free certification as well as relining and repair.

Our pumps are refinery standard and built as diesel powered hydraulic pumps to allow us to pump extremely viscious liquids and semi solids at very low temperatures.  The pumps are complete with filter traps built in line and are complete with drip trays and lifting frames.

FIS will transport and dispose of all tank cleaning waste at one of our permitted treatment plants and if a product transfer is required and temporary storage needed we can arrange that too.

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