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Specialist Recovery

Industrial waste often contains valuable commodities. Efficient recovery prevents them contaminating the environment and also reduces the reliance on mining or producing new resources.

Future Industrial Services offers specialist recovery services for most sector wastes. The majority of waste types are processed at our own facilities. Where necessary we also handle secure Transfrontier Shipment (TFS) for recovery overseas.

Our recovery services include:

  • Mercury Recovery
  • Copper Recovery
  • Nickel Recovery
  • Sludge Recycling
  • Oil Recovery
  • Specialist Metal Recovery
  • Filtercake Recovery
  • Liquid Waste Treatment
Mercury Recovery

We provide rapid and responsive recovery, decontamination and spillage services throughout the UK. This is supported by a specialised mercury recovery plant at our Berwick facility.

Metal Recovery

Our metal recovery plant recovers copper, nickel, cobalt and tin from waste materials for reuse or recycling. It also supports the supply and recycling of chemical etchant solutions for the electronics industry (PCB manufacture).


FIS carries out plant decontamination and lagoon management on a wide variety of sites. These include, gas works, port developments, steel works, industrial and commercial premises, power generation, pharmaceutical and chemical sites.

Ammonia Stripping

Waste from Industrial processes and solutions from electronic & plating industry often contains high concentrations of ammonia. Future Industrial operates an Ammonia stripper for air stripping of ammonia-laden solutions.

If you need advice on recovering commodities from commercial waste contact your nearest Future Industrial location.

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