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Future Industrial are very responsive, and I know if I wanted a tanker tomorrow - they would get it to us tomorrow.


Please let me take this opportunity to place on record my thanks, and the gratitude of everyone here, for the assistance we have receive this week. People’s character tends to show up more during difficult periods and you guys have bent over backwards to work with us.  Group Operations Manager


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Nickel Recovery

Nickel/Cobalt rich filtercake material is recovered by steam drying.  The resulting concentrate can then be re-used or recycled.  We also recover other valuable metals such as copper, tin and cobalt.

Processes used include precipitation, steam stripping, sludging and steam drying.  Metal bearing solutions are stripped of any ammonia through the steam stripper plant before sludging through a high-pressure filtration press to produce a metal hydroxide filter cake.

Metal Hydroxide Filtercakes are fed through a tubular dryer, which is an indirect contact dryer that uses dry saturated steam as the heating medium.

The valuable metal concentrates produced are suitable for re-use or smelted and recovered as metal or aqueous solutions which go back into the industry.

FIS recycles and recovers metal concentrates such as nickel, copper, cobalt and tin from industries such as:

  • Electronics
  • Catalyst production
  • Oil refineries
  • Aerospace and automotive
  • Stainless steel production

We also produce metal concentrates from low metal content filtercakes, diverting waste currently being disposed to landfill by offering a recovery "R" Code allowing companies to meet the waste hierarchy set out in the waste framework.

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